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The early ‘90s were a challenging time to own and operate investment real estate in Rogers Park. To address these issues, a group of dedicated local property owners, developers, brokers, bankers and business owners created the Rogers Park Builders Group, seeking to change the image of Rogers Park and to help create a more vibrant and stable destination community.

Over the years, the RPBG engaged in many different endeavors:

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---- In our first two years, we launched a professionally managed public relations campaign to promote Rogers Park in a more positive light.


---- Later in the 90's, we worked with community leaders, including Alderman Joe Moore, to deal with issues pertaining to bad landlords and, in the late ‘90s, a horrific condo scam and fraud that impacted dozens of buildings.


---- Contributed needed funds and support for many community organizations, schools and individuals seeking to build the community. RPBG funds helped launch such ideas as a Farmers’ Market, the Glenwood Arts Festival, and in recent years, a multi-year commitment towards improving Sullivan High School and supporting Chicago Math & Science Academy.


---- Provided a network where investors, property owners, managers, developers, bankers, brokers and other real estate professionals mingle, engage in business and learn best practices in owning multifamily properties.


---- Support our members who are developers as they propose new projects in the community.


---- A tradition starting in 1996, we create and distribute a highly informative quarterly newsletter, The Builder, which reports on key local developments and other issues impacting investment.


---- Serve as a founding member of the city wide Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA), which advocates on behalf of neighborhood property owners on a range of issues, including maintaining the ban on rent control and opposing the Bring Chicago Home Ordinance.

Our monthly meetings, often conducted at the historic Rhapsody Theater (on Morse) provide attendees with awesome networking opportunities, a great meal and beverages, and interesting, timely programs. In addition, the RPBG hosts happy hours and participates in the NBOA’s annual Summer Soiree, which has become a ‘can’t miss’ summer event.

Our membership ranks continue to soar as our reputation in the City and County increases.

Consider becoming a member and get involved! Join our mailing list, attend a meeting and check the Rogers Park Builders Group out.

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Michael Glasser
RPBG President

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