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Verella’s Round-Up: "Tips for Year-End" – Is It Time to Incorporate Rent Increases in Residential Leases?

verella osborne

Two property owners recently drafted residential Chicago leases in which they have the right to increase rent during the term of the lease. One tied the rent increase directly and proportionately to any real estate tax increase occurring during the lease; the other just inserted a general right to increase the rent by no more than ten percent (10%) during the term. Such rent increases may seem detrimental from a marketing standpoint, but consider the following list of costs that have increased during just the last 12 months:


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7th Annual NBOA Summer Soirée


This year’s Summer Soirée took place on Thursday evening, August 8 at Piper Hall on the Loyola University Chicago campus. The weather could not have been nicer with clear skies, a light breeze and temperatures that hovered around the high-70’s. The setting was magnificent, on the edge of the historic Loyola campus with views of Lake Michigan to the east.


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Heartland Café Redevelopment

The redevelopment of the Heartland Café would qualify as a big story in Rogers Park under any circumstances. But the fact that this will be the first, large scale construction project in the neighborhood under the leadership of newly elected Alderwoman Maria Hadden makes the story even bigger.


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SB 2259 Replaces HB 2168


The Builder has been following the progress of the legislative effort to find a replacement for the Class 9 tax relief program that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Two previous articles outline how this new proposed legislation would work, and the bill introduced by Representative Sara Feigenholtz (HB 2168) to adopt this legislation into law.


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New York State Adopts Tougher Rent Control Measures

Following in Oregon’s footsteps, New York State just passed tougher rent control legislation that not only increases rent control requirements in New York City, but allows other municipalities across the state to adopt rent control measures.


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Ribbon Cutting at Sullivan High for The Ellen Glasser Global Center


Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Alderman Maria Hadden (49th) were among the dignitaries who attended Sullivan High School’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Monday, June 17th, commemorating the opening of the new Ellen Glasser Global Center.


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As I See It: Population and Provisions


Last weekend, two exciting new venues opened their doors in Rogers Park.

On Sheridan Road, entrepreneur Liz Ahearn opened a destination business called “Picnic Wine and Provisions” where patrons can connect over wine, food and more. Picnic also will also “sell wonderful wines, a variety of platters and small plates, coffee and conversation, indoors and outdoors.” With highly successful Rogers Park Provisions celebrating its fourth year on Glenwood, and Taste Food and Wine offering the same on Jarvis Square (near the El line), Rogers Park can now proudly proclaim that we are the most “provisionist” community in the Midwest!


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Ups and Downs - Summer 2019

Mike Glasser has been a real Debbie-downer lately. Our illustrious President has been sending out email after gloomy email, mostly having to do with the increasingly hostile political and regulatory environment in which developers and property owners must operate.

Sadly, these emails keep coming because things really do seem to be getting demonstrably worse. One email in particular really got my attention. This was an email with a link to an article that appeared recently in Jacobin magazine which describes itself as a “leading voice of the American left.” The article is entitled, “Developers Want to Destroy Chicago. We Won’t Let Them.” The author is Cristina Groeger.


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Verella’s Round-Up: "HODGEPODGE"

verella osborne

Having just returned from a 24-day vacation this week, my brain is still in holiday mode. The following is a grab-bag of unrelated issues that have all arisen within the last few months:


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Around Rogers Park: 18th Annual Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest August 16-18


The Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest is back again. It has become one of the community’s most anticipated summer events. RPBG’s Art Goldberg and Mary Bao are both on the 2019 Planning Committee.


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Around Rogers Park: In Memoriam – Sharon Kozak


It is with great sadness that we observe the passing of long-time RPBG Member, Sharon Kozak, who died on June 14. She is preceded in death by her husband, Larry Tobiasz, who died eight years earlier. Sharon was also a long-time resident of Rogers Park and lived for many years in her beautifully restored home on Juneway Terrace. Sharon was a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker in Evanston and was a well-established agent on both sides of the Evanston-Chicago line. We are saddened by her loss and wish to express our condolences to her friends and family.


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