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17th Annual Trends Workshop


Over 130 real estate and community members gathered at the McCormick Lounge at Loyola University Chicago on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 for the Rogers Park Builders Group's 17th Annual Trends in the Industry Workshop. Groups of 8-9 attendees gathered around seventeen separate tables, each table lead by a table moderator, as each group answered the same seven questions: projecting stock market, Illinois unemployment rates, bank rates for multifamily, sales times for Rogers Park condos, and building valuations. Following the group work, Albany Bank's Pat Mulcahey lead a panel discussion reviewing each question. Prior to the group work, we met Gale Academy Principal Francisco Leal, who thanked the RPBG for buying team uniforms for his school's Middle School boys, and we saw a short video of the teams outstanding performance in the Sullivan MLK Tournament. We ended the evening congratulating Essex Realty's Clayton Maxfield for moderating the table with the most accurate results from the 2018 Trends!


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