Around Rogers Park: Michael Cardinale, Founder of Chicago Chess Foundation, has Died


Michael Cardinale first got involved with the Rogers Park Builders Group in the very early days of the organization’s existence when he worked for the Apartment People. He and former RPBG President Michael Wallk became close firends. It was Michael Wallk who first suggested that Michael Cardinale share his love for Chess with the kids at Gale Academy. What began as a casual interaction between Mr. Cardinale and Gale eventually grew into the Chicago Chess Foundation, an organization that touched the lives of 8,000 CPS students and spread the discipline and love of Chess throughout the CPS system.

Mr. Cardinale remained actively involved in the Chicago Chess Foundation throughout his life and worked tirelessly with kids across the city, spreading his love of Chess and the many benefits it imparts to those students willing to take the time and effort to learn to play the game.

Michael died of glioblastoma on March 16 at the age of 54. He is survived by his wife, Autumn Mather. He will be greatly missed by those long-time RPBG members who knew him, and by the many students at CPS to whom he so selflessly devoted his time and talents.