16th Annual Trends Workshop

The year kicked off with as it always does with the latest edition of the Trends Workshop. This was the 16th Annual iteration of this popular event, and it was well attended despite uncooperative winter weather and snow.

This year saw a record number of sponsors, ranging from Silver to Platinum. We would be remiss if we did not name our generous sponsors and thank them for making the evening possible. They are:

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

It is always interesting and instructive to talk with your peers and neighbors about current events and what people believe the future holds. This year, attendees were generally optimistic about our strong economy and the favorable Rogers Park real estate market. This optimism was tempered with a healthy dose of concern about current political and economic headwinds, including a just concluded government shutdown and looming trade wars. Overall, the mood of the room was positive and the consensus view was that Rogers Park would continue to perform well and be a good place in which to invest.

The end of the evening is always the most fun as we look back at the predictions from two years prior to see who was the most accurate in their projections. This year’s winner was Doug Imber. For those of us who know Doug well, it is no surprise that he came out on top. Doug is always insightful and informed about current economic conditions. Few people have a better understanding of local real estate conditions in Rogers Park.

Congratulations, Doug, and thanks to everyone who participated in the event. Your participation and enthusiasm makes the Trends Workshop the lively, informative and just plain fun event that it is. We thank you and look forward to number 17 next January.