Around Rogers Park: Alderman Joe Moore, 49th Ward, Recommends “Yes” Vote on Rent Control Measure


Joe Moore, Alderman of Chicago's 49th Ward

In an email to constituents, sent October 25, Alderman Moore recommended a “yes” vote on the advisory referendum to lift the state ban on local rent control measures. This recommendation is consistent with the Alderman’s stated position at the September meeting of the Rogers Park Builders Group.

Results from the November 6 election indicate that the Alderman got his wish, with 66% of voters in the 49th Ward in favor of lifting the state ban on local rent control measures. This is actually a lower percentage than in either the 35th or 46th Wards where the same proposal won by 71% and 70% margins, respectively.

RPBG recognizes the good work the Alderman has done in the Rogers Park community over many years and values the good relationship we have developed with him over the years.

RPBG recognizes the Alderman’s need to balance new development with the views and perspectives of community concerns, including preservation and creation of affordable housing units. As it pertains to the issue of lifting the state preemption on rent control, RPBG is disappointed with the Alderman’s position on this issue. RPBG has serious concerns about the impact lifting this ban will have on our businesses and our livelihood. We strongly believe that rent control would have serious negative impacts on the city’s housing market and overall economy.

We will continue to try to work with the Alderman on a host of issues important to the Rogers Park community. However, we regret the Alderman’s position and will remain opposed to the adoption of rent control in the city of Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois.