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Fall 2021 Newsletter


  • Rent Relief, Part Three (and Counting)

    If you missed the last window of rent relief last summer, or if you applied but did not get assistance, take heart: more is coming. In fact, some of it is already here.


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  • Frank Martinez, founder of the Latino Real Estate Investors Council

    Latinos have been a part of Chicago’s ethnic quilt for nearly as long as the city has existed. The first Latinos, mostly of Mexican origin, arrived in the city in the late 1800s. But their numbers remained small well into the 20th Century.


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  • A Good 2021 for the Rogers Park Residential Market

    You wouldn’t think a global pandemic, the sudden evaporation of 25 millions jobs, and massive social unrest in the wake of the killing of George Floyd could do anything good for the real estate industry.


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  • Jerry Ettinger, RPBG Director

    Jerry’s direct involvement with RPBG is relatively recent, and it has only been a little over a year that Jerry accepted Mike Glasser’s invitation to become an RPBG Director. But Jerry is no newcomer to real estate. In fact, there are few people in our organization with Jerry’s broad experience.


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  • As I See It: RPBG Helps Sullivan High School Continue a Special Tradition





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  • Ups and Downs: Fall 2021



    Rent relief sounded great when I first heard about it. Billions of dollars provided by the federal government to keep tenants in their apartments and help housing providers withstand the impact of large revenue losses and an inability to evict tenants for a period of months that, in Illinois, lasted more than a year and a half.


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  • Verella’s Round-Up: The Eviction ‘Horror Show’

    verella osborne

    What is the current status of residential eviction prosecution in Illinois and Cook County? How much have the procedures and fees changed since COVID first took hold, and are these changes permanent?


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