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  • As I See It - Rogers Park Needs a Balanced Approach to Homeless Issues



    We all can agree. Homelessness is a national crisis.


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  • As I See It: RPBG Helps Sullivan High School Continue a Special Tradition





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  • As I See It: Landlord Tenant 101 and Contract Law



    My friend, former Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti, recently asked me to speak via Zoom to his class of law students from Northern Illinois University College of Law. My talk focused on real estate law and the implications of laws enacted by various bodies of government.


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  • As I See It: Never a More Important Time to Join Your Neighborhood Building Owners Association



    In 1992, a group of apartment building owners and real estate developers in Rogers Park established the Rogers Park Builders Group (RPBG).


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  • As I See It: “Fair Notice” to City Hall: New Law Filled with Unintended Consequences



    For years, both housing providers and tenants understood that either party could terminate a month-to-month lease with no less than 30 days’ notice, effective on the last day of the month. 


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  • As I See It: A Rent Strike Would Make a Bad Situation Worse



    Some housing advocates are urging all renters, regardless of their financial circumstances, to forego paying rent during this crisis.


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  • As I See It: Honoring a New Year’s Resolution



    I offer to you, my fellow property owners, an important New Year’s message: even if you don’t accept security deposits, you MUST still post on your leases the interest rate schedule for 2020.

    Yes! Even if you don’t accept security deposits, you must post on all of your residential leases the City mandated interest rate schedule for security deposits so that tenants know what interest rate they would be receiving on their deposit if they had a deposit, even though they don’t have one!


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  • As I See It: What’s Behind the Just Housing Ordinance?


    On January 1, 2020, two new protected classes will be added to the 15 that already exist under Cook County Human Rights laws:

    • Ex-offenders with criminal convictions that occurred more than three years in the past (excluding registered sex offenders or child sex offenders subject to residency restrictions) may not be denied housing
    • Ex-offenders with criminal convictions within the past three years may still not be denied housing until the housing provider conducts an “individualized assessment”


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  • As I See It: Population and Provisions


    Last weekend, two exciting new venues opened their doors in Rogers Park.

    On Sheridan Road, entrepreneur Liz Ahearn opened a destination business called “Picnic Wine and Provisions” where patrons can connect over wine, food and more. Picnic also will also “sell wonderful wines, a variety of platters and small plates, coffee and conversation, indoors and outdoors.” With highly successful Rogers Park Provisions celebrating its fourth year on Glenwood, and Taste Food and Wine offering the same on Jarvis Square (near the El line), Rogers Park can now proudly proclaim that we are the most “provisionist” community in the Midwest!


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  • As I See It: Commissioners: Reconsider the Just Housing Ordinance


    My “Aha Moment” arrived when I read the title of the Sun Times editorial, dated April 28, criticizing the County Board’s passage of the Just Housing Ordinance.

    “Don’t punish landlords to make more housing available for ex-offenders.”


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  • As I See It: Two Proposed House Bills. Read, Sigh, and Take Action!


    The State Legislature under Governor Pritzker is in session and, as expected, members of the General Assembly have introduced problematic and short-sighted bills regarding rent control.

    I urge you to take the time and read these bills – or at least their synopsis.


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  • As I See It: Recognizing Rogers Park’s Strong Community Partner


    In the early 1980s, while a Senior at the University of Rochester, I received shocking news. The City of Rochester announced plans to install parking meters along the stretch of Wilson Boulevard aligning the campus, the preferred area where students owning cars could park.

    Determined to take action, I assumed a new role – that of ‘student activist,’ and I brought my case to the Rochester City Council, ultimately prevailing.


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